A Message From Sapien: The Future Is Bright


In April, we released our beta to the Sapien community for the first time. Since then, we’ve seen considerable growth in the number of daily users, posts, and comments on the platform. Already, over 9 million SPN has been staked. That is a tremendous accomplishment for the Sapien platform, and could not have been possible without its vibrant user community.

That said, this iteration of Sapien is still a beta. Recently, our team has seen posts pointing out issues with the speed and functionality of the platform. We recognize that there are still bugs to be fixed in anticipation of our next version of the Sapien platform later this fall. And our developers are all hard at work, using your feedback, to improve and refine the platform for its full release. Our team is excited to bring the Sapien community along as we continue refining the platform for the masses.

Dozens of new features, bug fixes, and platform optimizations are around the corner for Sapien. It is our promise to you that we are working diligently every day to make them a reality as soon as possible.

In the meantime, your continued support is crucial. Your posts, comments, and feedback help us improve the Sapien platform, Rewards Engine, and Proof-of-Value protocol everyday. In return, we promise to continue recognizing your dedication and building a top tier tokenized social network. All of the community contributions via posting, commenting, and voting on the platform add value to the Sapien ecosystem.

“While the beta is not perfect, what we have in the works is a substantial and exciting step forward for the entire blockchain space. We are excited to deliver that experience to the Sapien community soon!”