Acquiring SPN Tokens Through the Sapien Platform


1 - Log into your Sapien account.

2 - You will see your dashboard as seen below:

Click the arrow next to your username in the top right hand corner to access the drop down menu.
Click “Manage SPN”

3 - In the “Manage SPN” Dashboard, you will see all your token activity and your linked Ethereum addresses. Scroll down until you see the Stake/Withdrawal section as seen below.

Make sure both Ethereum addresses that are listed are correct. Then click “Get SPN Tokens”.

**Please also note that SPN can also be acquired from IDEX and LAToken as well.

4 - You will then be prompted to confirm your ETH address. If the address listed is correct, click “Continue”.


5 - The payment page, powered by Kyber Network, is presented below:

a. Select the Token you want to use to acquire SPN. (You have over 70 to choose from)
b. Tick the “Terms & Conditions” box
c. Click ‘Next’

6 - Unlock your wallet. Choose the wallet to conduct your transaction.

Private Key

7 - Confirm your transaction.

That’s it! You’re now the proud owner of SPN tokens.