Announcing Sapien: Sirius


Hey Sapiens,

The next release of the platform is here!

Sirius includes major updates to the application and brings us one step closer to preparing Sapien to scale to the masses. The new release is more polished, with a deeper focus on user experience and enhanced token functionality. With Sirius, the engineering team tackled some of the more difficult bugs encountered with a greater attention to details.

Here’s what you can expect from Sirius :dog2:


Revamped Create Post User Experience

  • Media button robustness
  • Stylistic changes to tribe selection
  • Delete inserted media
  • Rich Link support
  • Improved Autofill behavior
  • Fixed lag in create post form
  • Better UX for adding gif, videos and images
  • More control on deleting media
  • Additional tests and validation

Rewards Engine Updates

  • Comments can now be charged
  • All content has a 24 hr window to get rewarded. Content gets rewarded between 24–48hrs of being created.

Notification Bug Fixes

  • Add notifications pagination UI
  • Add unread notifications
  • Add all notifications page
  • Add more tribes notifications
  • Fix initializing notifications WebSockets
  • Fix double notifications bug
  • Fix sender profile link

Platform Bug Fixes

  • Reloading posts more consistent on home feed
  • Expanded/Compact button show with no more delay
  • Mobile Post feed fixes
  • No empty comment submissions
  • Autocomplete improvements
  • User profile tab fix
  • Profile page sort fixes

Caching System:

  • Caching is the practice of storing data in or retrieval from high performance storage like memory, Caching improves the application performance by reducing the data access time, lowering latency and IO operations. When an application has to serve millions of concurrent requests, fetching data every time from disk storage like mysql, postgres can be a bottleneck. With the help of in memory storage like Redis, distributing data can accelerate processing speeds by a factor of 45 to 100.

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • User Global Search
  • Various Mobile Fixes
  • Optimized CSS
  • Cleaned up console errors
  • More secure API calls

New Features:

Tokenized Polls:

  • Create polls and incentivize participation using SPN tokens. Users can receive tokens for participating in polls. Tokenized polls give users on Sapien the opportunity to gain valuable insight from community members and rapidly reach consensus on any given matter. For businesses, tokenized polls improve brand visibility and provide verifiable feedback from the community on an opt-in basis. The same technology can be utilized to create decentralized oracles to proactively detect fake news, govern platform decisions, and report on real-time events. The end goal is to empower users to create any arbitrary market capable of extracting wisdom from crowd intelligence.

App Tour:

  • A smooth onboarding process is essential for newly registered users! The App tour can be initiated at any time under your user profile dropdown in the top right of the web application.

Tribe Creation:

  • Now, you can create your own communities on Sapien! Create communities and invite your friends or strangers to gather around shared interests.

Custom Feeds:

  • Create your own custom feeds by grouping together tribes and users that you follow.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

  • Security is a top priority for us at Sapien. In your account settings, you can enable multi-factor authentication with Google Authenticator or SMS.

Things to look forward to include:

  • Private Tribes
  • Enhanced Tribe Administration
  • Performance/UX Enhancements
  • Referral Program

A message from Ethan, Lead Developer:

The development team has been working really hard on making the Sapien experience even better. Items such as Create post were totally revamped, with user experience in mind.

We also spent time updating libraries that are essential for Sapien. Keeping up to date with the React community and routine maintenance to the codebase is a top priority for us.

With the addition of new Tribes Creation, Custom Feed creation, changes have also been done for enhanced security and introducing roles on the platform, providing better control for users inside Sapien for further community management.

As always, we welcome the community’s constructive feedback. The team is working hard to create the Web3 social experience of the future and your participation is essential.

We hope you enjoy Sirius!

— The Sapien Team

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