August 2019: Development Recap


A monthly recap of improvements, enhancements, and integrations on Sapien

Hello Sapien Community

We are excited to share our August Development Updates with the community. A little over two months ago, we released the Sirius update to the Sapien platform. Since its release, the team’s top priority has been incorporating community feedback and implementing it into the platform. The community continues to play an integral role in the development of Sapien.

As we push through August and into September, our aim is to continue to knock down the milestones on the short-term roadmap. Remember, you can always contact support 24/7 at the bottom left corner of the platform or via email at [email protected]. Thank you for being a part of this journey to create a better Web 3 future.

August Development Recap

Hashtags were introduced as a plugin into our Rich Text Editor solution, this will allow you to create even richer content in posts and comments on Sapien.

A few key points around this:

  1. Clicking a hashtag will open up the Search results page. For example, #Sapien will open the following page:

  2. We record the number of times a specific hashtag is used on both comments and posts. They are scored so that they can be later suggested based on that frequency.

Rich Text Editor

Fixes to the editor include:

  1. Adding links from the toolbar
  2. Fixing broken bold and italic style formatting
  3. Including missing list styles on edit

Private Tribes

Users can now make their Tribes private thus improving the moderator and community experience on the platform. Because they are now private, users that do not belong to them will only be admitted by request or through an invitation to the group and they will not be able to search for it on public feeds unless they are members.

Tribe Administration

Tribe administration tools have been released giving Admins the ability to manage and moderate the group. Banning, suspending, inviting members, and modifying Tribe rules are a few examples of what Admins can do.

Search Pages

Search on the Sapien Platform has been improved by adding /search/all/{keyword}. When searching a popular keyword such as “tech” or “Sapien”, users can actually go and see ALL the relevant matches found in posts, tribes, and user profiles.


To prevent the influx of spam accounts on the Sapien Platform, reCAPTCHA was re-added when signing up to the platform.

General Improvements

  • Hot algorithm tweaking
  • CSS fixes
  • Adding better internationalization for mobile numbers
  • Fix comment duplication
  • Notifications, redirects, and info

Tokenized Polls

Sapien recently released Weekly Tokenized Polls where a given amount of SPN is rewarded to participants. This week we are distributing 1500 SPN and finding out what would make your workday better. Follow this link to check it out and join the conversation on

As always, we deeply appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing you on the platform!