Bought SPN on IDEX but my staking amount doesn't appear in your dapp after staking the tokens


Good morning.

I finally went to IDEX to buy 15,598 SPN (0.10 ETH); sent them to my Metamask and went trough your Sapien Network to happily stake them and begin to being able to earn my rewards there.

I went to “Manage SPN”(where still indicates 0) and filled my amount to stake in the blank bar and pushed “STAKE”.
Confirmed it with MetaMask, etc., and all supposed to be ok.
But after twelve hours I keep on not seeibg my tokens neither in your network nor in my Metamask wallet.

I do attach you some screenshots from Etherscan and your own dapp and I will submitt you here those TX Hashes and a direct link, to make your work easier.

TX Hashes links:





@DresdenEOS we’ll take a look into this. I’ll have one of the developers get back to you on this.


Hey @DresdenEOS this is an issue with our event watcher service that updates stakes in our database. We are working on resolving this as soon as possible, at which point your stake will be correctly updated.


Everything is resolved already.
Thank you very much.
@chris @rob


@DresdenEOS you’re welcome. Feel free to message you should you run into any other issues. Thanks.