Campaign to invite new users


this post is of my opinion , suggestion, to grow the number of users on the platform

each of the steps can be changed , added, omitted

Existing user gets , say 50 staked SPN for bringing New user AND meet the criteria*

  1. Help new user in the process to register at sapien beta / invite them

  2. the new user has to register their phone and get to the reward engine

  3. The new user has to complete 100% of their weekly task

  4. The introducer (existing user) gets his rewards, say 50 staked SPN. (one time only)

  5. The new user gets free 100 staked SPN on joining and the reward from reward engine one week later.

Thus the new user is somewhat guided by the existing user (who has small benefit for doing so)

We could expect growth of number of QUALITY users in the platform.

Now, how to monitor, who introduce the new user, have an additional “fill up slot” in the new user registration, optional , for the new user to fill up during his registration.

Well, this campaign can be time limited, say for 2-3 months,

just my suggestion. thank you


not a bad suggestion @Ganesan. i like that fact that everything is pending that they register and use the platform to see what Sapien is about. it really incentivizes them and the referrer to have them be a part of the community.