Cannot login into by sapien beta account


a few hours ago, i was automatically ( i did not log out) logged out. I tried to sign in but failed on my attempts.


Ganesan - can you send a message to [email protected]?


thank you for your reply. this reply is more of feedback.

  1. the problem has resolved automatically / suddenly later (today)
  2. previously this never happened (suddenly you get logged out)
  3. Recently - the problem -

unable to login or sapien beta unable to load happens SOMETIMES.

MOST OF THE TIME it works fine.

Also quite often, partial loading of the page and hangs, need refresh/ reload a few times, then it works fine.

I just want to give this info as feedback. I have a feeling maybe the auto update of unstaked SPN after sometime of inactivity causing this , but not sure .


wow ok… that’s odd. will relay the feedback. not sure what might have caused it. thank you, Ganesan.