Can't verify phone number


Hi, guys! I’ve been trying to verify my account for 2 days now but I keep getting an ‘undefined’ error or when I do receive the code, it doesn’t let me input the sent code on the site.



Can you send us a screenshot of your error to [email protected]?



I’m seeing that too. Here is a screenshot:



@moshitunes, @2manydaves

Can you guys send me the format you are using for the phone number? I’m wondering if that might be the case.

Please email us your phone including country code to [email protected] We will help you take care of the issue.


I tried various formats, but they all returned the same error so I assumed it was just broken.

As an example if my number were 222-333-4444, here are the formats I tried:



Ok. A few others were having this issue as well.

Email us your email you registered with as well as your phone, including country code, to [email protected] and we’ll get you verified.