Content Creation Dashboard Overview


1 - Log into your Sapien Account

2 - On the Dashboard Home, create a ‘New Post’.

3 - In the post creation dashboard, you have a few options for creating content. You can share an article (1), a link (2), media (3), and a poll (4). More details for each will be shared below.

4 - Creating an article or blog post.

a. Add a title.
b. Write your article.
c. Use the “+” to add media to your post: photos, videos, links, GIFs.
d. Add it to a Tribe.

5 - Share a link.

a. Add a title.
b. Paste the link you want to share here. If available, it will also auto-populate an image (upon posting) and a title.
c. Add it to a Tribe.

6 - Share images and media.

a. Add a title.
b. Drag and drop your media here. Or browse your local device.
c. Add a GIF.
d. Enter a vide or image URL.
e. Add it to a Tribe. (not shown)

7 - Get an opinion with a Poll.

Explorethis link for a full, in-depth overview on creating Tokenized Polls.

:pencil2::pencil2:️ That’s it! You’re now on your way to becoming a well-rounded content creator!