December 2019: Development Recap


A monthly recap of improvements, enhancements, and integrations on Sapien.

Hello Sapien Community!

The team has been hard at work improving the Sapien platform. We’ve got several updates that we would like to share with all of you. The main focus of this past month has been addressing User Experience and Performance. We sincerely appreciate the community’s feedback as it continues to play an integral role in the development of Sapien.

User Experience:

SEO improvements on share tools

  • Sharing on Sapien is getting better and better. We are learning from you, the community, and are actively improving the available tools for a better sharing experience.

Adding Tribe Suspended users

  • Tribe Admins now have the capability to suspend users from Tribes.

Friendly URLs

  • URLs on Sapien are now more readable, resulting in improved user experience and enhanced search indexing.


  • A Cookies Usage Notification will be incorporated so users have more transparency on how and why cookies are used to enhance the general user experience.


  • Numerous test suites have been developed to ensure that code functions correctly. Robust test suites ensure a user experience of the highest quality.

Bug Fixes:

Reactive comment editing

  • An issue that required users to refresh the browser after editing a comment to see the updated comment was fixed.

Reactive voting

  • An issue that required users to refresh the browser after voting to see their vote has been fixed.

Embedded video rendering

  • Several issues regarding the rendering of embedded videos have been fixed.