How are rewards funded?


Quesiton, how are the rewards funded? Is it newly minted SPN?


If the answer is “from the Sapien platform reserve”
“• 30% in Sapien reserve for future Token Sales and Airdrops (150M)” ,{from WP}

what happens later on, when those 150M SPNs on the reserve reach an end?


Rewards are funded from the bounty and reserve pool.

SPN will follow a similar inflation model to Ethereum when ETH adopts Proof Of Stake. New tokens in the SPN ecosystem will be minted based on activity on the platform and these tokens will be used to reward creators and grow the platform.

I believe STEEM has a 8.5% inflation rate on average.

ETH is planning to stay in the 5%-6% range and below.

None of this is set in stone at the moment but we will wait for Ethereum to make the first move with Proof of Stake and then go from there but as stated in the WP, newly minted tokens will be correlated with platform activity.


Jackpot Rewards come from the team!

A top priority for Sapien team is to help cultivate the growth of high quality contributions on the platform. With that in mind, the Sapien team has decided to contribute SPN from the team account to cover 100% of the SPN allocated for the Jackpot Rewards. The Jackpot Rewards allow the team and the community to reward high quality contributions on the platform. At the end of the day, Sapien understands that strong contributions from the users is what creates a robust and valuable social network. With the SPN Rewards Engine and the Sapien Jackpot Rewards, the dream of rewarding users for their contributions to the network is a reality!