How is Sapien different from Steemit and Synereo?


In the white paper, Sapien describes two competitors: Steemit and Synereo.

Like Sapien, both are platforms utilizing Blockchain technology. Steemit rewards users for quality content and Synereo hopes to create an attention economy infrastructure.

Sapien wouldn’t, however, consider any of them direct competitors. What we are trying to create with Sapien is a tokenized, democratized, reputation-based social news platform that fights fake news, rewards users for quality content, and also lets them share ad revenue. No other platform is taking this route to fundamentally disrupt existing mass-market platforms.

As for Web 2.0 platforms, Sapien is hoping to take a stab at Reddit’s market share - already we’ve gotten hundreds of signups from Redditors looking for a more transparent platform. The key is to build Sapien better and make it undeniably better than any existing offering. Sapien truly believes they can do this with a powerful utility token (SPN) that underpins a democratic platform that empowers its users.

To learn more about the Sapien project, please reference our white paper below:

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