I am NEW USER and I have some question. (Answers Given)


Q1: What is Sapien Network?

It is a new generation social media something like facebook

Q2: What are the advantages of Sapien Network compared to other older social media?

Firstly the person who post contents get to share for free in older social media but not get paid for the value they create on the network. Sapien Network solves this problem. Other advantages, you own what you post, fighting fake news, gain lots of knowledge for free from previous contents. In future you may be able to sell your products on the platform using Sapien Marketplace.

Q3. How do I use Sapien Platform

The website is https://beta.sapien.network. Mobile app also available for iphone and android versions

Q4: What is the benefit of joining Sapien Network NOW?

First of all it is FREE to join. When you register your account , you get free 100 staked SPN token and 500 points.

Q5: Does SPN token has value is fiat money?

Yes. SPN token in traded in exchanges such as idex and LA token. It can be sold for exchange into ETH or Bitcoin and eventually to fiat money even now.

Q6: Can I earn more SPN token on the sapien platform?

Yes. Sapien network has Rewards Engine that automatically rewards the users for their activities on the platform. The users by participating on the activities on the platform add value to to platform and in return for these activities they are rewarded .

Q7: What activities the users have to do?

Posting quality contents , voting on other contents, participating in discussion by commenting etc.

Q8: Do users have to pay to do these activities?

No payments. It is absolutely FREE. In fact, you get paid to do these activities. You get paid to add value to the platform. Yet you own the contents that you post.

Q9. If I have problem related to registration and anything related to Sapien Network, where do I get support?

Use the Sapien Encyclopedia which is FREE and has all the information to assist you as well as members support. the website is https://forum.sapien.network/

Q10. How is it possible for the users to earn without investing anything?

Your time and curation has a hidden value. Also Advertisement on the platform has value. The previous generation social media (centralized) keeps all this value to them. Sapien network is decentralized and blockchain based network. This newer generation social media platform believe in fair distribution of the value generated and the main persons is the users. Thus the benefits is automatically given to the users using a secured method using the blockchain technology.

Q11. What if i join Sapien Network and do not like to post any article or give any comments. Do I benefit anything?

First of all you get free 500 points and 100 staked SPN. You get to enjoy reading the quality contents on beta sapien on various branches such as news, technology, videos etc for FREE. You can still ged rewarded for upvotes that you make. If in future you decide to increase your participation more, you can be better rewarded.

Q12. I like to post my contents on beta sapien. Can I earn more on Sapien platform?

Yes. depending on the quality of your post you may receive more upvotes. Also you can generate more discussion or comments.

Q13. Are there any other functions?

Currently Sapien Marketplace started at the beginning stage. Probably in future you can use the platform to sell your own products.

Disclaimer: I have posted this article based on my understanding , hope to help some questions a new user may have. Pls correct me if I’m wrong as I’m also on the learning curve . Pls feel free to add any additional information