I would suggest : Users should have the freedom to itemize what they want to view on Sapien Platform


I understand that currently there are different branches and the user can go to a specific branch to view the related contents.

What I’m suggesting is related but something new.

I believe the users should have the freedom to post what they want ( currently available) and the freedom to view ONLY what they want (the main issue that i want to highlight and give feedback)

When someone open the main page ( where all the posts are available and categorized as top, new, hot) they view a common page. This option must be customizable.

A user should have the OPTION to use the common page (current setting) OR customize it .

What i mean by Customize?

  1. A user has a setting option to include only certain choices of branches only for HIS main page. When the click the home button (house shape) , his home button will display (top, new and hot =TNH) posts only in these category based on his setting

  2. A user can have the option to exclude a certain branch or posts from certain users from being shown to him in his home page using the setting.

  3. Thus the TNH is displayed on his homepage is based on his customization in the setting.

  4. Thus giving the individual user the freedom to view what he want to view only. At the same time all users can have the freedom to post.


  1. Say, Adam, he likes to view all contents from all the branches and posts from everyone, the current system on beta sapien platform is perfect for him. so he does not need to customize anything in his setting of homepage.

  2. Say John, in his lifestyle like to be updated with recent news and post related to travel, dislike crypto, and IN HIS OPINION most of the posts from Leman (say another user-example) is of no value to him most of the time,
    Then John should have the freedom of setting his homepage to include branches he like to view only , excluding crypto related and excluding posts from Leman. Based on his selections in his setting the homepage will display the top, hot and new posts.

I believe the diverse mindset of all users need to be addressed and given the freedom to choose what they want and not a common homepage.

The current setting is great for now, but as we upgrade, customization will become necessary to ensure freedom to post (speech) and freedom to view.

Just my imput. At the same time i understand that suggestion and technical difficulties to execute could be difficult. But the reality is most of the users will be in category 2 as in the above example.


based on the above suggestion and the function suggested,

  1. a user may reset his setting anytime to view the common homepage, add or remove new branches to his list

  2. One of the reason / dislike / hurdle for a certain if not most person outside the crypto world to join sapien network is once they join, they feel suffocated with crypto posts. But for those who like crypto, it like heaven, thus the freedom to customization is one of the solution in my opinion. Thus they get what they want and growth of sapien is multi direction.

  3. Opens up Sapien Network to wider range of community. it can also be a common social media to them like facebook but retaining the advantages of Sapien platform.

  4. For those familiar with crypto setting up account in sapien and posting and contributing maybe an easy task. However those who are not familiar with crypto, they find it extremely difficult technically. After going through it, if what they view everyday is not what they REALLY want to view, it can be discouraging to them. The hidden gem here is they might have very valuable ideas / posts / contributions to the sapien platform because they are unique. I believe we need to think like being in their shoe. They are valuable, EVERYONE IS.

  5. Professionals in other various other field may join and add valuable contents on Sapien Platform. They will understand SPN as a utility token of the platform , blockchain based technology (advanced), they will be rewarded for their contributions at the same time adding value to the platform and benefiting the sapien community in general.



i have been thinking, it will be nice to have say 3 preset customization of homepage on sapien.

I would use preset “1” as what it is now on beta sapien- showing all pages / branches/ all users

i would use my preset “2” for my leisure/ entertainment , example include branches like travel, space, entertainment, and include the posts from such users only. when i just want to relax and chat and take it easy.

i would use preset “3” for maybe business, work/ serious mood, such as news, crypto investing, business etc.

Thus depending on my mood and time, i can use sapien for various reasons.
One user, different preset mode, different displays on their homepage. Customized to different users.

Now, that’s a MAJOR advantage sapien can have.


they only have one mode. Some can customize more some less. As of now I understand that we at at 1st version of beta.

Hope my input can help, thank you.


hmmm… that is actually not a bad idea.


To my opinion, that is a good idea, I would like to set on my homepage, let say 3 or 4 branches on which I spend most of my time and that will be good. And If I want to see other type of content, I can always change the branche with the left menu.