Important Updates on the Beta - June 26th, 2018


The team is actively listening to all the comments and concerns discussed within the community. We are also taking note of all the feedback on all the bugs and performance issues for the current Beta platform.

As a result, we will be releasing a proposed product roadmap within the next few weeks to give our community more clarity on what’s to come. This will include some of the current development work and the technological advancements that will likely be implemented in the near future.

Please keep in mind that the current Beta and all the features is just the beginning. The beta is designed to be the foundation of what the future product, features, and enhancements will be built upon. This includes everything from the marketplace, Rocket Chat, the mobile app and staking implementations.

We also understand the community’s concern on the complications with staking SPN and this issue will also be addressed below.

July 11, 2018 will be an crucial date for the Sapien project.

Before July 11, there will be a read-only update pushed on the platform. Unless users are staking SPN, people will not be allowed to interact (post, comment, vote, etc.) with the platform, however, with the read-only updates, anyone can read posts on the Beta. Users with staked SPN, will be able to use all the features on the Beta and be rewarded with SPN for their contributions via the Automated Sapien Rewards Engine (details below). The Content Creator Rewards program will also be put on pause from now until July 11.

On or after July 11, every registered user will automatically get 100 staked tokens regardless of whether you’ve staked tokens on the platform or not. So if you’ve already staked your SPN, you’ll get a BONUS 100 tokens. This automatic staking will allow our entire user base to create content and interact with the platform despite staking difficulties.

On or after July 11, the Automated Sapien Rewards Engine goes live!

Users can earn staked tokens from the Sapien Rewards Engine through platform activities such as creating posts, comments, and upvotes and the more SPN you stake, the more you’ll be allowed to earn.

Issues with staking will also soon be ironed out. However, by mass staking the entire user base the community can still interact with the platform and earn staked SPN via the Reward Engine while the staking issues are resolved.

Exciting times await the Sapien community. Jump in!