July 2019: Development Recap


A monthly recap of improvements, enhancements, and integrations on Sapien

Hello Sapien Community

We are excited to share our July Development Updates with the community. A little over a month ago, we released the Sirius update to the Sapien platform. Since its release, the team’s top priority has been incorporating community feedback and implementing it into the platform. The community continues to play an integral role in the development of Sapien.

As we push through July, our aim is to continue to knock down the milestones on the short-term roadmap. Remember, you can always contact support 24/7 at the bottom left corner of the platform or via email at [email protected] Thank you for being a part of this journey to create a better Web 3 future.

July Development Recap

Open platform

  • Sapien is now open to all users, with or without an account.
  • New users will be able to browse posts and comments before creating an account.
  • Improved sharing tools on all social media.

Content Creation

  • Users can now align images and embedded content. This is an experimental feature, please share your feedback.
  • UI and performance enhancements on post creation
  • New tags on polls
  • Fixing empty image inserted when hitting ‘Enter’ on URL form

Platform Improvements

  • Layout fixes
  • Redirect on back button
  • Notification fixes
  • Charge menu fixes
  • Dynamic address on exchange modal
  • Pinned posts CSS improvements
  • Hot algorithm improvements
  • SEO Optimizations

Kyber Listing & Integration

  • SPN token listed and available on Kyber Network
  • KyberWidget direct platform integration allowing easier access to SPN

Press & Announcements

Released article here.