Live Support Is Now Available On The Sapien Platform!


In our quest to offer a top tier user experience, we have decided to add live support to the Sapien platform. Users can now message a representative immediately without having to leave the platform.

Now that live support and the Sapien Forum are available, we feel it is time to start moving the conversation from Telegram to Sapien. In anticipation of our next release in the coming months, we hope to migrate as much of our community as possible to the Sapien platform.

On top of that, the SPN Reward Engine is live and has already distributed over 180,000 staked SPN tokens to users for performing actions on the platform such as posting, commenting, and voting. This makes the migration to Sapien even more worthwhile, as Sapien rewards users for social activity and Telegram does not.

The platform is vibrant and lively with over 4,000 active users, 11,800+ posts, and 18,500+ comments. With our next platform release imminent, it is time to take it to another level. To do this, we need the rest of the Sapien community to join us on the platform!

Sapien Rewards Engine Explainer Video

To perform actions on the platform and to receive rewards from the SPN Rewards Engine, users need to stake SPN. The more SPN a user stakes, the more SPN they can receive for social activity on the platform.

How to Stake SPN

To make migration from Telegram to Sapien as simple as possible, we have decided to automatically stake 100 SPN (the minimum amount required to perform actions on the platform and participate SPN Rewards Engine) for all users who verify their Metamask address before September 12th.

How to Verify Your Metamask

This Telegram channel will become read-only on September 12, so please join us on the Sapien platform to grow with the community, participate in the SPN Rewards Engine, and experience our upcoming releases.

With your help, we can build the largest Ethereum-based social network in the world today! The Web 3.0 revolution is upon us.