Need function to create SUB branch, branch from branch


hey sapiens hope you had a wonderful day.

As for future upgrade , pls do consider having the above function.

If you do so during future upgrade, pls do ALSO consider , need to ADD a function to make some branches to become subbranch later.

  1. what is it and example.
    Example, from main branch, Medicine, I would create sub branch of medicine called MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Thus more specific details of quality contents (MANY) can be created under this specific sub branch. As of now, if i find that i can post approximately 20 separate posts related to various aspects of MS, I have to create a new branch called MS as I do not want to mix up in general medicine category.
    This may appear MS and medicine is not related but indeed MS should form a sub branch of medicine.
    In future, I would like to place this MS branch as subbranch under Medicine.

Such example can also be applied in various different categories/branches.

  1. As we scale higher, too many separate branches , might make contents not organised systematically.
    Also, each post on large topic, might only cover the preface or scratch the surface, missing the valuable contents.

Just my humble input. Tq.