October 2019 Development Updates


A monthly recap of improvements, enhancements, and integrations on Sapien

Hello Sapien Community!

The team has been hard at work improving the Sapien platform. We’ve got several exciting developments and updates that we would like to share with all of you.

The community’s general consensus was that the current application was not very responsive and as a result, the main focus of this past month has been Performance. We sincerely appreciate the community’s feedback in shaping the Sapien platform.

SEO Improvements for a better sharing experience: Sapien has been updated to allow for better crawling from Google and other indexing bots resulting in better positioning within the search index and as well as a richer visual experience searching for specific words.

Improvements on how comments and posts are shared to other social platforms were also deployed.Next time you post something on the platform, please make sure the title, image and body of the image are correct!

Performance Updates: Performance was the main focus during the last month. We retooled a lot of the code internally on how we deliver the app. You can now expect Sapien to be served 3x faster, less network usage, better cache for images, less API calls, better scroll experience, faster load of pages, and many other improvements. All of this to give you the best experience while browsing on the app.

CSS Improvements: This current release offers enhancements refining the UI/UX for the app. We think that the how the application looks is just as important as how the platform feels.

Poll Creation: Small fixes and more informative alerts for poll creation. We made some improvements on tokenized poll creation flow to avoid errors when interacting with MetaMask.

Create Post Improvements: It’s our goal to give you the best experience while creating content. We’ve introduced additional features to our editing tool for creating posts.

Loading Indicators: This topic relays on UX. We want to give you insight of what is happening while browsing, including better loading indicators while loading posts and uploading pictures.

SPN Activity: We have added more information to your SPN activity (stake, withdraw, etc.). You can see what type of reward you have received and the type of content: post, comment or poll participation reward.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Sapien!

The Sapien Team

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Great,its improved and enhance the platform functionality.