Reward Engine- Do I earn more SPN for activities (post, comment and votes) beyond my weekly tasks set


I understand that there are certain number weekly tasks based on tier and the corresponding SPN that can be earned.

The question

  1. If you perform more activities than the indicated weekly tasks, do i earn more SPN than what is allocated?
    Example, say my weekly SPN is 200/200 and tasks is 6 post, 10 comments . 10 votes,
    And if i do 10 post, 20 comments & 20 votes, i understand that I will get my 200 SPN, but do I earn more than 200 SPN for the extra activities that week.

  2. Do I earn more SPN for more upvotes? ( say i get 15 upvotes but did not win post of the day or other daily rewards)

  3. Do I lose SPN for downvotes? Say the post is not popular but no malicious intent / fake news / spam

For other info on how SPN reward based on certain tiers, already explained in the link below
tier and rewards


You can only earn up to your max allocation of the week.

Your max allocation is based on what tier you are in.