Reward Engine Questions (day1)

  1. In each tier the reward is the same regardless of the SPN quantity, correct? For instance: Staking 7k SPN gets you in tier 1 (today), and gets you xxx amount of weekly reward. If you stake an additional 700k SPN you are still in tier 1 and the xxx amount of weekly reward remains the same. The amount of weekly reward is only raised when your tier is changed, if you end up in tier 1 there’s no point to continuing staking more… correct?

  2. But, Why am i increasing my staked SPN on the platform, just went from tier 2 to tier 1, and the amount of weekly reward is always staying the same regardless of me raising staked SPN and climbing tiers?

  3. The weekly reward Engine timeframe is also from Monday-2-Monday? If so,
    3a) What time (and timezone) does it reset?
    3b) In this first week, we are beginning in a WED, so will it be Wed-Mon, and the reward amount displayed is corrected to 5/7 or is the full week total as expected for the next week?


Is there a difference between posting content in Groups vs your personal wall on the Beta in terms of rewards?


So far… YES!

Look here: Not all Posts are being credited in the Rewards Engine dashboard

Confirmed it again today… posts originated in my profile page are not being credited, and so far couldn’t get an answer to this issue…


All posts that include a default branch should be credited in the rewards engine.

If you are still having this issue please email [email protected]


What about the weekly awards tokens, where are they visible ? I cant find them anywhere…


I cant find the weekly award tokens ???


week 2 winners video


Weekly rewards can be seen in your profile.

In the top right hand corner, click your name and a drop down menu appears. Click “My Profile”, scroll down a bit and on the left side should be all the weekly reward tokens and contributions to the platform.

As far as results, they will be released on the Sapien Beta, Telegram, and Medium.