Rewards Engine 2.0: How are SPN Rewards determined on Sapien? (Charges)


We are very excited to announce the release of Rewards Engine 2.0!

Sapien Rewards 2.0 Explainer Video

Rewards 2.0 Walkthrough

What is Rewards 2.0 and what makes it different?

Rewards 2.0 is the latest implementation of the Sapien Rewards Engine. The big difference between Rewards 1.0 and 2.0 is that with the 2.0 release, the community controls the Rewards Engine with consensus.

What do you mean the community controls Reward Engine 2.0?

With Rewards 1.0, rewards were distributed based on social activity. With Rewards 2.0, rewards are distributed by a voting process that we call Charges. Charges are a daily allocation of votes assigned to users based on their Sapien Staking Tier. The higher your Staking Tier, the more Charges you receive per day.

Charges are the sole deciding factor on how a post is rewarded and the community is in control of the Charges!

So how are SPN Rewards for content determined?

The more Charges a post receives, the more SPN Rewards that post will receive. There is a direct correlation. The user or post that receives the most Charges in a day will also receive the most SPN Rewards that day.

This puts the entire Reward distribution process in the hands of the community. It is our first step towards decentralized governance. When you give a post a Charge you are basically telling the Rewards Engine that you think that specific post is adding value to a community and you believe it deserves to be rewarded.

Charges give the Sapien community great responsibility. By deciding what type of posts should receive rewards, the community is determining what the ecosystem defines as “valuable”. This very process will shape the direction of posts and style of content on the platform from this point moving forward. It is up to the community to find consensus on what type of content benefits the Sapien platform and what content does not.

The power is in your hands (:

I found a post that I think is valuable, how do I give it a Charge?

Simply give it an upvote and the charge icon should slide out to the left. If you have charges enabled by default, the vote will automatically be charged. If you do not have charges enabled by default, then all you need to do is click on the charge thunderbolt to charge your vote. You only have a fixed number of charges, so use them wisely!

An Active Charge:


An Inactive Charge:


An Active Down-Charge:


Are there any other important changes?


Rewards are now calculated and distributed on a daily basis at 9pm UTC.

How can I receive more Charges on my post?

These are three ways to increase your likelihood of receiving more Charges on your posts:

  1. Create great content. Share insightful posts, release news as it breaks, write interesting, thought-provoking stories. It’s no secret that people love high-quality content. In a nutshell, share posts that make the Sapien platform better and the community will support it.

  2. Stay active. Interact. Don’t be a ghost! Engage with others in the comment section, make your presence known.

  3. Become a Sapien Steward. You are now shaping the content direction on the platform through your ability to vote with Charges. Vote on posts that you deem valuable and in return, create posts that you believe bring value to the platform!





it is said that the rewards will be credited every 9pm utc. i am expecting some and nothing came in.