Sapien - Ask Me Anything - May 17th, 2018


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7:18 Start of Pre-Submitted Questions

7:20 Question #1 You delayed the token release a few times now for legal reasons. Two questions linked to this: What were the exact reasons + how can we be confident that this time (June 14) you will actually unlock and not postpone again?

10:30 Question #2 How will Sapien Get More Users?

11:41 Question #3 How do you position Sapien among your competition, what are the main differentiation points

13:28 Question #4 Facebook have just announced that they are under extreme pressure to rid themselves of spam and offensive material. Do Sapien have any plans to work with AI to counter these issues?

14:00 Question #5 truth-discovery up-down community voting mechanism, how do you envision that such a mechanism will work, instead of just the (majority-of-voting-users-with-opinion-A) wins the truth-title-attribute?

15:00 Question #6 in future can Sapien platform be used for societies to promote activities and also for business promoting product/services?

16:14 Question #7 what are the plans to speed up the sapien platform?

17:35 Question #8 Can I use sapien to live stream video?

18:14 Question #9 How does Sapien’s plan to fight fake news compare to Facebook’s fact checking algorithm and third party reviewers?

18:53 #10 What is the main purpose of SPN token inside the Sapien Network. Would the platform work normally without the token?

20:28 #11 When will you work on proper notifications… I would like to be notified if someone comments or replies to me.

20:45 #12 Who is Happy, what is his role on the team and is that his real name?

21:38 #13 There have been a couple of rumours about Sapien rebranding. Are there any more details regarding this?

21:37 #14 Once users are able to earn off their posts, will posting non-original content have any legal restrictions due to copyright laws for example?

23:24 #15 How can the community help promote the platform when it is open to the public?

24:10 #17 In your opinion, how is the community doing so far on the platform? What do you think of our content? Could we do anything better or would you like to see more of a specific type of content? Is this what you imagined that the platform would be like?

25:07 #18 When will the earning system be live on the platform? Before it is fully integrated, will there be another way that new users can earn to encourage usage?