Sapien Content Spotlight


Users have created amazing content on Sapien. We wanted to highlight some of these contributions for the community.

At Sapien, we value originality and creativity in content creation. These posts demonstrate these values and are great examples of the potential of the Sapien platform.

“How to Paint a Ferrari 488 Black - With Oil Paints” by Leonardo Pereznieto

Leonardo is a professional artist and has graced Sapien with tons of his creations. This video in particular exemplifies a number of brush techniques and styles while detailing the artistic process end-to-end. We love it, Leonardo!

Shad’s travels chapter 1: Intro to Singapore by Shad Othman

Shad takes us through the beautiful country of Singapore with his travel diary, featuring an assortment of original photos that he took during his visit!

“Morning breakfast!..” by Kenneth Divina

Kenneth has posted some great recipes on the platform, and this one caught our eye! His recipes are original and he takes users through each step of the creation process. As a passionate chef and philanthropist, Kenneth is key contributor to the Sapien community.

“Concussion Protocol Rocking the NFL…” by Jatin Kumar Hota

Jatin provides original and thoughtful analysis of the NFL’s concussion problem while providing valuable facts and insights. His take is unique and informative, exactly what we want to encourage on the platform! We’re not surprised that the comment section had a lot to discuss.

“Join Us At the Sapien Space Weather Branch” by PedroLC

Pedro created his own image and description for a new branch on Sapien devoted to weather in space! Not only is Pedro creating content he finds interesting, but he’s doing it in style. The Space Weather branch has gained an active following on Sapien and consistently pumps out exciting and beautiful content.

“Traditional Song” by Imran Kamil

Imran is a passionate songwriter who posts his content on Sapien to share his talent and receive feedback. His tastes are an intriguing blend of culture and creativity, creating a modern style that can’t be replicated. We’re excited to see what Imran comes up with next!

“Cryptomusician” by Moshi Tunes

Moshi Tunes is an exciting musician who makes his own brand of electronic music. His work can be found on a variety of platforms, including Steemit, so we’re excited that he’s decided to join Sapien! Moshi Tunes has been an active member of the community since our pre sale, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

“Tether vs. True USD” by Rene Maddey

Rene is a thought leader on Sapien, providing content on a diverse array of topics. His work in trading is no exception - we thought his analysis of TrueUSD’s market share was particularly thoughtful and impactful. Be sure to friend Rene! You’ll learn lots of cool things through his Sapien presence.

“How many ENIAC computers would fit into an iPhone?” by Strippy

We love thoughtful posts about technology and its potential. Strippy gave a great breakdown of ENIAC computers, their historical impact, and how they compare to contemporary processing power. His post also spurred lots of interesting questions in a similar vein in the comments! Well done, Strippy.