Sapien Development Update #1


Performance and Visual Enhancements

We have entirely revamped our backend database architecture. To improve consistency and reliability, we have transitioned from using MongoDB to PostgreSQL. This will ensure a more robust data structure going forward, and also improves interoperability between our data structures and microservices.

Our next platform release also enhances Sapien’s UI and UX. Notifications, post creation, voting, commenting, and more have have been refined and improved to support additional functionality and improve ease of use. These changes aim to increase speed and performance while empowering the user’s social toolkit.


User profiles will also be upgraded to include more features and help foster a vibrant personal identity on the Sapien platform. We’re excited to see how users express and define themselves with the the new experience.

Overall, users can expect an enhanced Sapien experience soon. Dozens of bug fixes, updates, and other improvements have been incorporated since our initial platform release in April. We hope these updates, in conjunction with our new microservices and backend performance upgrades, will deliver a tremendous platform, uphold Sapien’s core values, and champions its users.

New Microservices

The Sapien Dev Team has been hard at work creating new microservices for the next platform release. We have automated several front and backend processes to improve platform efficiency and reliability. These enhancements also smooth user experience and rewards distribution.

Eventually, we’ll aim to publish the development code for each of these services so the Sapien community and broader blockchain space can improve and build off of them. Here are a few of our new tools:


Event Watcher - previously, our database was updated periodically as each user individually interfaced with Sapien. Now, our database is synchronized with the blockchain continuously. This has been shown to make our blockchain architecture more reliable and should make the user experience faster and smoother. The Event Watcher will potentially improve our Staking Tier calibration as well, as users stake and withdraw on Sapien.

Rewards Sender - currently, weekly Jackpot Rewards and Bounties are validated by the Sapien team and awarded. Enhancements to the rewards sender will improve reliability, automation, and user experience.

Rewards Engine - weekly rewards will now be selected and calculated automatically. In conjunction with our Rewards Sender, the Rewards Engine will be seamless, creating a more efficient rewards experience for users on Sapien.

Initial Stake Seeder - users who completed their account onboarding are manually sent Initial Stakes by the Sapien Team. Now, onboarding will automatically seed new user accounts. Our Initial Stakes microservice quickens the process of onboarding new users, enabling immediate access to the Sapien platform and the ability to earn rewards, upon approval.

New Feature: Block Users

We take the integrity of Sapien’s platform seriously and are always working to give users more control. Filtering content is an important part of user experience.

We have now added blocking functionality to Sapien. Users can block others if they do not wish to see their posts, comments, and profile.

We take our Content Policy seriously and will act swiftly to curb violations of it. Users who violate the Content Policy will have their SPN rewards disabled indefinitely. This is an important tool for deterring spam, abuse, and other Content Policy violations.

In regards to upcoming enhancements/features of the Sapien platform, there is a project plan and timeline; however, as with any project plan timelines can and do change, and planned enhancements/features may be altered, changed, and/or not be developed. Also, there may be a shift in direction, strategy and/or user/community requests for different features which may require a shift in planned development and timeline. Currently, the following development and releases are scheduled, but this is subject to change and is not to be relied upon. The Sapien team will provide updates to this schedule, so platform users will remain informed in a timely manner.