Sapien’s Team is Growing 🙌


Welcoming the new CTO to the team!

Hello Sapien Community,

Following our most recent announcement about our Sirius platform update, we wanted to make a quick announcement introducing a brand new member joining the Sapien team. As always, the top priority at Sapien is to be at the forefront of Web3 developments and deliver a top-tier, quality product and we believe our new addition will help us do just that.

Meet Greg Parker!

Greg has triple degrees in Astrophysics, Computer Science and Mathematics, and holds the patent for peer-to-peer networking in the US and EU. Greg co-founded 4 startups (with exits), and is an expert in peer-to-peer networks, cryptography, blockchain. He has built and scaled many first to market technologies in many areas, including social networks and messaging. He is considered a strategic visionary who can roll up his sleeves and code.

Please give Greg a warm welcome as the newest addition to the Sapien team!

Released article here.