Socialshare posts - Format and Suggestion(s)


Is this the right format for the Socialshare posts?

These should’t be displayed on the (HOT or NEW) news feed.

  1. They are duplicate (shares from an already posted post on the platform

  2. They are just links to an external platform that link themselves back to the original post in the Sapien platform

  3. they will add an amount of non interesting (duplicate titles and content) posts in the “main” feeds…

2nd Suggestion because "“You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 22 hours before trying again.” :joy:

Suggestion: Add (or FIX) Image Thumbnail [preview] to the Sapien posts code

Shared Sapien posts on other platforms (Facebook) are not displaying Image Thumbnails, please add it asap as it is simple to implement and turn the Sapien shares a lot more attractive, clickable and professional…

(edit) …and THE TITLE!


SocialShare posts should just go in the SocialShare branch. Your format is correct, they’ll just be links going to an external platform, but that is just for us to vet that it is being posted on external platforms.

The thumbnail preview is in the queue. A few others have requested that feature as well.


hi Chris. I have tried this function. Could you give some feedback on the 2 post that i have made on Socialshare if the method is correct, thank you. the link to the posts are given below…


the first post when clicked takes me to facebook. the second post takes me back to sapien platform even though the origin says facebook on the post.


the first one should be good. as long as it links back to the post on FB.