Summarry for New User to get Started


Hey welcome to Sapien , new generation social media
Im Ganesan, a user of the platform, this post is intended to provide a brief SUMMARY for you to get on Sapien Platform.

  1. Register your particulars at , new user sign up
  2. I would suggest using google chrome, download metamask extension on chrome.
  3. Unlock your metamask (key in your password)
  4. Login into your Sapien beta account, “right top” you see your name, click on it and click on “stake SPN”
  5. Now on this page, need to verify your address, that is your metamask address.
  6. If you have problem on this step, go to FAQ or How To or contact sapien support at this website
  7. Once your metamask address verified, you have to wait till you receive the free 100 staked SPN, if no, go to step (6).
    Alternatively if you ALREADY have SPN in your metamask that you bought from LA token or idex, you can choose to stake it right away by clicking the stake SPN on this “stake SPN page”
  8. Now , lets assume you have completed the step of staking your SPN ( either Free or your own SPN), you can have additional function of posting, up or down vote and commenting on the platform. You will earn POINTS for your activity on the platform
  9. The next step is to get to the reward engine. Reward engine will give you weekly staked SPN reward for your activity. To get to reward engine, you have to verify your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone and this OTP has to be key in on your page. This procedure is done on your home page-- click “your on your name- right top” then on “my profile”.
  10. if you have problem with step (9) go to step (6)
  11. Now lets assume you have completed step 9 successfully. You are almost done with all the necessary requirements.
  12. Do go through some posts on getting more points on Sapien, go through various branches, how to create quality contents, learn all the functions of the platform such as sapien marketplace, weekly jackpot, survey etc.

Enjoy , wish you all the best and welcome to Sapien!