The Official Introduction Thread!



Here it is…The Official Introduction Thread! This is where you have a chance to introduce yourself!

I’ll start, my name is Rom and I’m from the Sapien Team. I am based out of France, and I especially enjoy music and traveling!

Let’s give a warm welcome to new Sapien Community members! Have fun and respect each other!



Hello. I am Chris.

I am part of the Sapien Team.


hi im ganesan, from malaysia. i enjoy travel, pool, music


Welcome Ganesan! Glad to have you here!


thank you. still learning the functions. but my first impression is … THE FEATURES ARE AWESOME


send us any feedback or suggestions. we would love to hear what you have to say.


hi chris.
first thing first, you guys are doing awesome job and the progress on sapien platform is excellent. thank you guys.

feedback: the major concern is SPEED , the lag, some users (like me) having serious problem with speed, most of the time before. now it has improved a bit, but i still wish it can be further improved. As most of the time it is quite uncomfortable.

My daughter is also on sapien , i have seen the speed on her account, silky smooth, no problem. Thus i believe this speed problem is experienced more by certain users, some more severe.


hm. since RocketChat was removed, the speed has been much better. it does lag a bit on some of the functions but all of that will be addressed in the next version as it should be much faster and more intuitive.


thanks for the update. The truth is the speed is fairly good now. removing rocket chat really helped. good move!


i like sapien. How a bout joinned community?


Hey. Thanks for the support @steemitbird!

Take a look at this guide we created:

It will set you up with an account on the Platform and also get you started on the Sapien Rewards Engine. We’ll also be staking 100 SPN for new users for a limited time.