The Sapien AMA! (9/20/18)


We answered dozens of questions from users about the state of the Sapien platform, our next release, our rebrand, and much more!

1. When can we expect announcements on platform updates and new releases?

Expect an announcement in the coming weeks about the next Sapien release! It’s coming sooner than you think…

2. When will you release visual info on the rebranding progress or the new version of the app?

Our rebrand is currently in progress and should be released coinciding with an upgraded version of Sapien this fall. We may release visual teasers of the rebrand in the coming weeks :slight_smile: – stay tuned!

3. Do you have any plans to make it possible for users to transfer tokens from their available balance to other users on the platform?

Yes, this feature will be integrated into the platform soon. We will be implementing exciting features that enable seamless payments. Our goal is to make rewarding other users for their content as easy as possible.

4. When are we going to get a fix for notifications and mentions?

The team is currently working on the next enhancement of the platform, where we aim to deliver more intuitive and robust notification and mention features (similar to those which are now standard across many social platforms today). Look for updates on these specific features in future reveals of the next platform update.

5. Telegram being read-only cuts off the voices of token holders and critics. Please address the possible negative impact this move has on attracting new users from the crypto community as well as on Sapien’s reputation regarding free speech?

We changed our Telegram to read-only in order to prevent scams, manipulation, and malicious content. We use content such as this AMA, as well as our forum and platform, to provide users an outlet for feedback and criticism. Empirically, users have been able to air complaints and draw our attention to problems with the platform, such as was the case with the Staking Tier bug this week.

We also have 24/7 Live Support for users to receive assistance and directly interface with Sapien employees. We think direct channels of communication are more effective than Telegram for improving the platform and being responsive to feedback. Token holders are free to express their opinion in any of these venues. Sapien will always support the free exchange of information and speech, but it is important to protect users from exploitation and use information services to their best potential.

Lastly, with a new version release imminent, it is critical that the Sapien conversation moves to the platform itself. To the extent that we all want Sapien to be successful, it makes the most sense for us to test and improve the platform’s capability to fight fake news and promote democratic engagement.

6. How is compensation distributed for written content or videos?

Tokenized Rewards will be distributed to users through Staked Voting and our Rewards Engine, which you can read more about in our White Paper. The Sapien Team is currently developing Staked Rewards for content creators and voters, which will affect both rewards and reputation payouts on each post depending on its quality and reception.

7. How do you plan to entice content creators and mainstream users to come to Sapien Network with a crypto reward model (bearing in mind a lot of people don’t even understand how to download a crypto wallet)?

Future iterations of Sapien will include seamless solutions and automatic staking for users and content creators. This simple payout network will make joining and using Sapien easier than ever and lower barriers to entry for more novice crypto enthusiasts.

Further, our Rewards Engine is already robust, and provides users with Tokenized Rewards for social activity. Content creators receive these benefits, but will also be rewarded for their content, provided others enjoy it, through the Rewards Engine and Staked Voting.

We plan to be very proactive in marketing and approaching influencers and audiences in and outside of the crypto space. And with blockchain usage, development, and familiarity growing exponentially, we’re bullish on the mainstream appeal of Sapien going forward.

8. Are there plans for Sapien Network to expand to other areas of social media to attract the mainstream, a part from just it being a news platform?

Sapien aims to provide a complete user experience. Although social news is the flagship of our platform, we plan to integrate content rewards, the online marketplace, branches, and more to create an all-encompassing social media experience. We are also implementing specific Jackpot Rewards that incentivize users to post and curate mainstream, non-cryptocurrency focussed content.

Additionally, future marketing campaigns will leverage Sapien’s brand and product across a variety of existing Web 2.0 social platforms in order to heighten interest among their user bases and gauge whether certain features from such platforms can be integrated into Sapien.

9. When will multi-language support be available?

Multi-language support is an important consideration given the diverse background of SPN holders. It’s currently in the pipeline for a later release. For now, our goal is to build a more complete and robust platform, and make the most impactful improvements that we can, before we start development on additional features.

10. The issue of maximum SPN token supply is worrisome, can you please explain more on this issue?

Please refer to our answer on this matter on the forum.

11. Given the current crypto market conditions, how has Sapien positioned itself to help weather the storm?

The Sapien Team is bullish on the long-term prospects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. While current market conditions are not ideal, we anticipate they are not the rule. That said, these conditions demonstrate the importance of developing good projects and products that provide real value to consumers. Sapien, as the world’s largest ethereum-based social platform, means to do exactly that.

Sapien also has a team and audience solely focused on ensuring the stability and sustainability of the project. SPN utility tokens provide a nuanced value proposition to users because their value is derived from Sapien’s platform and product. We think this distinguishes SPN from typical cryptocurrencies and market forces.

12. Will it be possible to crosspost from Sapien to Facebook, like it is purportedly possible on Diaspora? The goal would be to use Sapien as my primary social network but still post on Facebook so my friends there see my messages.

There will be sharing functionality that allows you to share articles and posts on Sapien with your preferred social network in the future.

13. Will Sapien Network develop dApps?

Although dApps are currently not integrated in the Sapien platform, the Team is interested in pursuing their long-term development. Our current prioritization concerns building and refining the Sapien platform and Rewards Engine. Once this foundation is complete, third party application development becomes an intriguing feature that we will consider.

Social networks and news sites are particularly vibrant ecosystems for dApp development and we would love to see Sapien harness that potential.

14. Will Sapien be conducting a token airdrop in the future?

Our compliance team has recommended that we stay away from any airdrops. However, there are many ways to receive SPN tokenized rewards via social activity on the platform.

15. The team seems to be working a lot. How many hours per day do Sapien team members sleep? And when?

The Sapien Team has indeed been working hard. Because the team believes in the principle of decentralization, our employees are scattered across several countries and timezones. We’re proud of the diverse cultures, nationalities, and perspectives the Sapien Team brings to the table. Sapien is truly the human network, and it is our priority to see that vision become a reality.

See below for our team’s distribution.

16. How different will the next platform release be from the beta? Will it incrementally change as the team continues to update the platform, or will it be a drastic change at launch?

Users will feel and experience the difference.

We have implemented data driven design by working with our users to understand their needs and frustrations, while also using data from the beta to better understand the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the platform.

While most of the standard features you’ve come to expect will be there, there might be some which are left out on purpose and added back in with a future release after further validation.

17. What partnerships has Sapien made recently, and does the team plan to expand its partnerships in the future?

Sapien is always interested in collaborating with other exciting blockchain partners and leveraging new innovation. We most recently partnered with Monarch Wallet, which you can read about in this article.

A full list of our partners can be viewed on our website as well as below.


18. What are Sapien’s plans for increasing the value of SPN? Will Sapien be listed on new exchanges soon?

The Sapien token (SPN) is a utility token, which by definition means that it may be exchanged for a predefined utility/service (the Sapien platform). Therefore, the value of the token itself is a constant – it may only be exchanged for the pre-defined utility/service that was designated when the token was launched.

Utility tokens are not investments, nor should they be viewed as such. A utility token may have a corresponding market value in either a cryptocurrency or fiat currency, but this value is only what the market is willing to pay for the underlying utility/service. Therefore, all utility tokens are also subject to economic supply/demand characteristics. There is an upside cap – there is a maximum value to the utility/service, a value over which no one would pay for the utility/service.

So, utility tokens may see an appreciation in what the market is willing to pay for the underlying utility/service which may be based on inflation, increased functionality related to the utility/service, and the underlying supply/demand economics – similar to any other market goods/services – but this may not exceed the value the market places on the underlying utility/service.

Conversely, if the market views that the utility/service is not something they want and/or for which they are not willing to pay more, the price of the utility/service may decline.

In short, what is most important is improving the value proposition of the Sapien platform.

Regarding exchanges, our primary goal is to make acquiring SPN as simple as possible. With a global user base, it is essential to make SPN accessible in different regions and provide our users with extensive optionality. Simultaneously, we must acknowledge the qualitative difference among token listing sites in this industry – there is only a subset of platforms that have proper KYC/AML processes that proactively fortify themselves and their users for the long-term. Those are the companies that Sapien is actively seeking to partner with in order to promote a healthier, compliant blockchain ecosystem.

19. Are there plans to expand weekly Jackpot Rewards to promote more good content?

Yes. In fact, we are planning to expand the total number of Jackpot Rewards from 17 to 20 next week. Be on the lookout for an announcement detailing this expansion soon.

20. Are all Sapien Team members homo sapiens?

Actually, this is an open question. Some of our team members do not appear to be homo sapiens. For example, our best theory on CPO and Co-Founder, Rob Giometti, is that he is a late-stage version of homo antecessor, pictured below: