Understanding Socialshare


Social share idea is good , creating more awareness about Sapien Network to those not aware of sapien to try and maybe later join the sapien network.

I did not realize there is a problem due to lack of understanding of socialshare.

the problem is, when an existing user not aware of what socialshare, when they click on your post, when they end up outside the platform such as your FB page, twitter account, IT APPEARS AS A SCAM to them. Clearly it is a misunderstanding. then, you get a down vote from the user.

at times the post may be a single post ( to avoid multiple post of same content) with 2 branch example “general” and “socialshare”. so that the content is shared with the sapien community as well as to let them know the content is shared in competitor social media to invite others.


  1. Is the problem is on the way the person who post, that is to be corrected with post twice the same post and to post separately on socialshare
  2. Or is it ok to post in such way and need to spread knowledge to the community on socialshare


the “Link Preview” function may help. also help in retaining users on the platform. good function.


should be 2. it’s ok to post and spread knowledge that people are submitting items on socialshare