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Welcome To The Sapien Encyclopedia!

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I just joined and as a brand new user I have to say I find the whole staking thing really confusing and I still haven’t figured it out.
I’ve been looking through the FAQ and am still non the wiser.

I think you need a really simple to understand tutorial that greets you when you sign in.

I read the post about how to set up MetaMask and that you will receive SPN at “the next distribution” but it didn’t see when the distribution takes place.

I’ll keep digging around the forum to try and see how I can stake but thought you’d like my feedback.


@Juxta - not sure which post you were looking at but take a look at this one. this is the simplest one that should get you going the fastest.



Thank you but I have read that one a few times. What I don’t understand is that you have to post to earn rewards so you can stake and then post again but I can’t post anything as I don’t have any tokens?


Also I went to my profile to verify my phone number but there is no option to do so: https://forum.sapien.network/u/Juxta/preferences/profile


hi @Juxta . i also a user of the platform. hope my comments can help you.

first of all the stake and rewards are 2 different things.

Fisrt thing to do is …Do your staking. 100 SPN staking is given free once you verify your metamask, how to do this…

  1. register your account at beta sapien
  2. get your metamask ready on google chrome. unlock your metamask.
  3. go to " stake SPN" on beta sapien, it is available on your sapien beta homepage.
  4. input your metamask address there and get it verified.
  5. once your metamask address verified, you should wait till you get your free 100 staked SPN.
  6. If you did not get your free staked 100 SPN then contact sapien support via email.
  7. Now lets assume this part is sorted and you can see you have 100 staked SPN.

The next step is to get to the reward engine

  1. verify your phone number with the code sent to your phone.

  2. once this is done, you will be able to see your weekly reward that you can earn on your beta sapien homepage

  3. there you will see , the weekly contents you need to post, the number of comments to be made and the number of votes you have to make to earn your maximum weekly SPN reward based on your tier.

  4. Complete the task and earn your rewards.

Hope this post can help you. tq.


@Ganesan solid reply!

@Juxta - you can look at the screenshots under the MetaMask video in the following link. They should help you also.



Thank you for the detailed reply. The first issue is that I didn’t get my 100 SPN when I verified my MetaMask address so I will contact support.


I got your message and replied back to you.