What are the projected weekly SPN awards for the regular reward engine (not the jackpot)?


What are the projected weekly SPN awards for the regular reward engine? I see the jackpot is 12,200.


Weekly SPN Rewards are dependent on your Staking Tier. The higher the Tier, the higher the Reward.


:+1: thank you for the update.
I have some questions
First question: can someone lose their staked SPN? if yes, what are the don’ts

second question. in a particular tier, example A and B is in tier 1. A staked more SPN than B. Will A earn more reward than B on the staked SPN

third question: Is Advertisement revenue sharing will be implemented on Sapien platform. If yes, do user need to do any setting to activate it. Do staking more SPN generate more income from this revenue?


Hey Ganesan

  1. Yes, someone could lose their staked SPN if they are trolling or spreading fake news. I haven’t seen anything on the platform that warrants any actions for that yet but if someone’s behavior is malicious and detrimental to the community or posting illegal content there will be some community action.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, if they are both in Tier 1, they both should be receiving similar rewards. Same goes for all the other tiers. Same tier, same rewards.

  3. Yes. This is outlined in the white paper. The more you stake, the more you can earn. We will send out more details for this when it is ready to release.


This must imperatively be explicitly stated in the platform! The terms and rules must be the most transparent and clear as can be, and must be placed in a high visibility place…
It even seems to me that it should be made acknowledge in “high caps” in the “terms&conditions” when a user first signs up and stakes his first SPN…


thanks for the reply. very helpful