What is the Sapien "Jackpot Reward"?


The Sapien Jackpot Rewards consists of six different rewards that will be distributed on a
weekly basis to users on the platform. Each week, up to 17 users will win rewards from the
pool of 12,200 SPN and one user will win free Sapien merchandise!

There are six different rewards each week

  1. Post Of The Day (5 winners per week)
  2. Community Vote (5 winners per week)
  3. Top Comments (3 winners per week)
  4. Top SPN Post (1 winner per week)
  5. Social Shares (3 winners per week)
  6. Jackpot Reward (1 winner per week)

You can learn more about the each reward and how you can be a part of the Jackpot in the following presentation:

Start earning SPN rewards and be entered into the Jackpot Rewards by joining the Beta here:

Please send an email to [email protected] if you need additional help. A Sapien representative is waiting to assist you!"